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Industry4.0 can change our world. We have so many world problems to solve – health, ageing population, food shortage, climate change, pollution. Innovative solutions to many of these problems can be found through applying Industry4.0 technologies in virtually every industry sector, from healthcare to agri-food, from electronics to automotive and aerospace, from chemicals to transport & logistics, to research and much more.

Industry4.0 will also change the way we work. More manual tasks will become automated and there is now a growing skills gap for graduates and workers to up- or re-skill to fill emerging job roles. These new roles require people with a mix of digital competencies and soft skills, which include innovation, creativity, communication, imagination and emotional intelligence. This skills gap has highlighted both the need for changes throughout early education systems and the need for lifelong learning.



Skills For The Future Of Manufacturing Report 2019

This 2019 report provides an in-depth dive into the most required skills for filling the skills gap in the manufacturing sector. With contributions from 50 experts in 20 countries, the report could help direct you towards school or university subjects important for entry into this sector.

Smart Futures

This great tool provided by Smart Futures Ireland combines the subjects you like with your interests, and matches these with 100s of possible STEM-related careers! A real time-saver when researching future jobs.


Think jobs in STEM are just for men? Think again. The i-Wish initiative showcases inspiring women in stem, inspiring boys and girls alike. Click the link above to read some profiles of these amazing leaders in STEM.

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#ScienceIsWonderful Online Exhibition

The Science Is Wonderful online exhibition is open to schools and the public, and is a great way for European citizens to meet & talk to researchers, ask questions, perform scientific experiments, play games & more.

Check out their website for more details on how to get involved  #ScienceIsWonderful

The #ScienceIsWonderful exhibition is part of European Research and Innovation Days 2020, the European Commission’s annual flagship event, bringing together stakeholders to debate and shape the future of research and innovation in Europe and beyond. The agenda for #RiDaysEU is available on their website here.

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