Close Of Industy4.E CSA Project

30 Jun 2021

The Industy4.E CSA project, which supported the establishment of the Industy4.E Lighthouse, closed in 2021. Thank you to all the project partners, the Industry4.E LIASE (Lighthouse Initiative Advisory Service), the Industry4.E Lighthouse projects’ and their teams, the KDT-JU (previously ECSEL-JU, and about to be CHIPS-JU) team, and all our stakeholders for their support and collaboration throughout the project. Please continue to access the project resources.

Particularly popular are:

  • Portal:
  • Careers in Industry4.0 to fill the Skills Gap – with sections for primary/secondary school students, as well as for professionals, SMEs and more:
  • Resources available to SMEs in/entering Industry4.0 – including excellent supports like DiHs (Digital Innovation Hubs), also consider OITBs (Open Innovation Test Beds): 
  • eBook: Navigating EU Projects – comprehensive guidelines for communication, dissemination and exploitation in EU projects

Best wishes from the Industry4.E CSA comms team at