Industry4.E Lighthouse Digital Workshop - Shaping the Future Roadmap in Digital Industry

25 Jun 2020 | 10.00 - 12.00 | Online - Workshop

Interactive workshop to discuss the recommendations on the future of the Industrial digitalisation roadmap and shape next ECSEL/KDT research agenda. Co-host event of ECSEL JU 2020 Symposium

Workshop Agenda

  • Introduction and presentation of work done in CSA-Industry 4.E regarding roadmapping and the recommendations drawn. Speaker: Leire Etxeberria. 25 minutes
    • Interactive questions to receive feedback of the recommendations mentioned
  • Break out sessions to discuss recommendations around specific topics:
    • Key Digital Technologies for Green Deal. 20 minutes
    • Artificial Intelligence in Digital Industry. 20 minutes
    • Resilience in crisis time (COVID-19, etc.). 20 minutes
  • Presentation of Digital Industry Chapter of Strategic Research Agenda (SRA) 2020. Speaker: Olli Ventä. 20 minutes
    • Interactive questions to receive feedback about the SRA
  • Wrap up and conclusions. 15 minutes
    • Interactive questions to receive more feedback
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Event Summary

This was a very well attended interactive event with strong participation from all involved in the breakout and discussion sessions.