Productive4.0 Meeting 2019

13 Mar 2019 - 14 Mar 2019 | Budapest, Hungary

The CSA-Industry4.E consortium were invited by Productive4.0 coordinator Thomas Gutt to participate in the Productive4.0 Second Annual Meeting. The CSA-Industry4.E coordinator Dr. Ann O’Connell presented our CSA in the Industry4.E session alongside presentations from ECSEL-JU Program Officer Berta Ferrer Llosa, Chris DeCubber, iDev40, I-MECH, and Arrowhead Tools. 109 participating partners from Productive4.0 were introduced to the expected impact and cooperation opportunities of the Industry4.E Lighthouse.

Chris DeCubber presented on providing project information gathering & mapping using EFFRA Innovation Portal to create a similar portal for ECSEL-JU Lighthouse projects. This work has already started as part of the CSA-Industry4.E project. This collaboration will add value with a structured approach to information sharing to stimulate inter-project cooperation.

In the demo session, CSA-Industry4.E team members hosted a poster stand and spoke to interested Productive4.0 partners about upcoming opportunities to participate in Industry4.E Dissemination and Exploitation workshops (email for further details).