Workshop 3, 19 May 2020: How best to fulfil communication and dissemination obligations solely using remote methods

19 May 2020 | 10.00 - 12.00 | Online - Webinar

Workshop Series: Creating Knowledge Impact through Knowledge Transfer for the Industry4.E Lighthouse Project Community

This workshop series is for members of the Industry4.E Lighthouse project community who are invested in achieving greater impact from their projects including all projects’ partners (researchers, managers, project coordinators and communications, dissemination and exploitation work package leaders). The objective of the workshops is to learn and share knowledge on good practice for strategic communications, dissemination and exploitation planning, implementation and measuring success of uptake.

These webinars will support the Industry4.E Lighthouse projects to optimise and implement their communications, dissemination, and exploitation plans (DEPs) – shaping their potential for engagement and measurable impact. The workshop focus will be tailored to the needs of the Industry4.E Lighthouse projects.

Workshop 3 (webinar), 19 May 2020: How best to fulfil communication and dissemination obligations solely using remote methods

– A workshop to explore best practice in adapting to COVID19 situation

The present situation may require adaptations to existing dissemination and exploitation plans (DEPs). This workshop will present best practice techniques and tools as well as share experiences between projects. Topics will be directed by pre-event surveys but include: project news distribution, stakeholder engagement, social media and virtual events.


  • An introduction to online Communications and Dissemination Strategy in adapting to COVID19 situation.
  • Interactive Sessions with participants sharing knowledge and experiences on what works well and what to avoid.
  • Considerations to improve knowledge management and uptake in current situation

Pre-meeting: 15-minute flash survey exercise to help profile participants, identify participant expectations from webinar, some opinions on dissemination/communication

Meeting: An interactive workshop using online tools.

Post meeting: Participants are asked to fill 15-minute feedback and best practice sharing survey within 48 hours. A workshop report will be shared with the Industry4.E Lighthouse community.

Learning & Sharing Objectives:

  1. To discuss and explore best practice for adapting communications and dissemination plans for remote engagement and uptake of stakeholders.
  2. To consider how to achieve successful two-way engagement with stakeholders remotely.
  3. How to monitor and measure impact of remote communications and dissemination.

Webinar slides: The full set of slides from this workshop are available from our resources page 

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