WP3 Workshop 1: Creating Knowledge Impact through Knowledge Transfer for the Industry4.E Lighthouse Project Community

21 Nov 2019 | 14.00 - 18.30 | Helsinki, Finland

This first training workshop was run for members of the Industry4.E Lighthouse project community who are invested in achieving greater impact from their projects and programmes, including: researchers, managers, dissemination and exploitation workpackage leaders, and project coordinators.

The workshop was designed and delivered by David Murphy (AquaTT) with welcome note from ECSEL Programme Officer Berta Ferrer Llosá. Slides and the first deliverable were sent to all participants after the workshop.

In her welcome note, Berta highlighted the importance of D&E activities, the key role of D&E in Horizon Europe and the supports available.

David introduced the context of the Industry4.E Lighthouse, the synergies between the Industry4.E projects, and the role and objectives of the CSA-Industry4.E project in providing support and assistance to the Industry4.E projects to effectively exploit project results, transfer knowledge, measure impact, and communicate successes. David went on to discuss EC Policy, ‘Why we need D&E?’, ‘Terminology’, and Impact (societal, academic and economic), before introducing the AquaTT Knowledge Transfer Methodology (Collect & Assess knowledge, Profile target user, develop KT plan, Transfer & Measure). It was an interactive workshop, with participants introducing themselves at the start in a tour de table and then asking questions and having discussions throughout the session.

To request your place on future exploitation workshops, please email info@industry4e.eu today with your name and project name, and the Industry4.E WP3 team will respond.